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2020 End of Year Update Presentation

The Telha Foundation has continued to work through 2020. In this year we have completed construction and commenced operations on the Dialysis Center in Karak, Pakistan! The center is operated at US standards for dialysis, is operated at US standards for COVID-19 mitigation, has data entered and stored using world-class Microsoft Azure cloud services and OpenEMR medical software, and is monitored remotely by doctors in the US. As the dialysis center is up and running, we look toward creating an additional, larger hospital building starting in 2021. This new hospital will have different wards to service the different needs of the poor and needy people in western Pakistan - starting with OBGYN!

This work could not be completed without the support from our donors! We rely on donations to fund our work, spend none of our donors' money in the US, and spend none of our donors' money to pay politicians in the US or Pakistan. If you are interested in donating, please see Donate | Telha (

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