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Hospital Construction has begun!

On April 5, construction began on Phase 1 of the Telha Foundation Health Center in Fateh Sheri Chowk in Karak, KPK, Pakistan. Construction is estimated to be completed in October of this year. Once completed, there will be 14 dialysis machines setup and running, and general physician services, diagnostics, and medicine will be provided for those in need. The four pictures below show delivery of some supplies and the groundbreaking.

Today, construction has been proceeding along well with preparation for the building's main support structure. A team from the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar has come to monitor the progress and evaluate the construction techniques. They have come from Peshawar (over 80 miles away) free of charge in order to provide their expertise. Photos of today's efforts are provided below.

We will continue to provide updates as construction proceeds.

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