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Medical Camp at Telha Foundation Construction Site (Fetah Sheri Chowk Karak)

On 29th September, 2018 a free Medical Camp was conducted in Fetah Sheri Chowk Karak, Tehsil, Takhti Nusrati, Karak, with the participation of local administration, government and health department. Under the supervision of Dr Wadood, and Medical Camp PRO Muhammad Roshan of the Telha Foundation, the camp was held on the site where we are constructing the Telha Foundation Health Center.

The Deputy Commissioner was invited and attended as a chief guest to participate and inaugurate the opening of the free medical camp.

676 men of all ages were treated. 744 women of all ages were treated. Out of these 1420 patients who were seen, 1337 people were given treatment free of charge. This camp cost Telha Foundation roughly 3900 USD and we were able to provide roughly 2900 USD worth of medicine to patients. The remainder of funds spent were a mixture of local advertising, transportation, labor to setup the camp, stoneware, and food and drinks for the doctors and volunteers who provided their help free of charge. Doctors of different specialties came all the way from Peshawar to Bannu.

List of Medicine Distributed:

Cap Contamycin, uric B ointment, Tab Atarec 10mg, Tab Zyrtice 10mg, Syp Atiza, Laice ointement, udic +1 ointement, Fruitiait ointement, Tab Cefxime 400mg, Syp Cefxime 100mg, Tab Cefxime 400mg, Cap Methpol 400mg, Syp Cefman, Cap Cipragold 250mg, Cap Cipragold 500mg, Cap Cefman 400mg, Syp Flagyl, Artimether 40/240, Basoquine, Syp Ventoline, Xinobin spray, Syp Hizrovit, Syp Paracetamol, Omparazole, Tab Calmox 625 mg., Polyfix Creem, Gentocine Ear, Disprin, Syp Citrizine, Tab Ponastan plas, syp Septran plan, syp Septran plan, Syp Iron Plan, Syp Famoscot, Tab Amlodipine, Syp Domeridone, Tab Domeridone, Tab Piriton, Tab Indral, O.R.S, Tab Diclofanic, Syp Phenargan, Tab Folic Acid, Drop Antibiotic (Eye), Ear Drop Ciprobra, Ear Drop Ciprobra, Tab Spasrid, Tab Almodef 250mg, Roll Bandage, Syp Calcium P, Syp Calmox P, Syp Famotodine, Tab Paracatmol, Tab Jevalaxir 250mg, Syp Cefaxal, Syp Torax, Leveitriz, Acefil, Dolor, Cefadroxil, Brufin, Syp Colpol, Syp cinoflex, Syp lozen, Capan, Biofer, Syp Nocars, Syp Procf, Syp Maltiron, Drup Gertro, Tab Piroxicam 20mg, Tab Flaguly 400mg, Syp Dymine, Syp Broxol, Cap Amoxil, DRUP Santhchlor, Ing Mione, Tab Citrizing, Tab Zentil, Suoni Plast, Naconaz Oral Gel, Syp Acefyl, Syp Zentil, Sy Unicid, Diclofinic Clean, Tap Doxy

Telha Foundation Staff:

Dr Wadood Ahmad

Chief Operational Officer

Mr. Raoshan

Public Relations Officer


Mr. M Idrees

Deputy DEO Karak

Mr. M Sadeq

H.M G.H.S Manzeni Banda

Senat Ullah

SST G.H.S.S Karak

Abd ul Saboor Salik

Tehsile Nazim Candidate

Special Thanks to our Volunteer Doctors:



Dr. Wahab



Associate professor KDA teaching hospital Kohat

Dr. Iftehar Ahmad

ENT Specialist


District Specialist DHQ hospital Karak

Dr. Muhammad Ali

Children Specialist



District Specialist THQ type C hospital takhti-Nasrati district Karak

Dr. Khalid Aslam


District Specialist DHQ hospital Karak

Dr. Khalid Usman


Dr Samandan


L.H.V Sakeena Bibi

Women and Childern Hospital Bannu

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